About Us

CEO Greetings

Cheonnyeon Red Ginseng Co., Ltd produces the best products, based on honesty and trust.

We manufacture ginseng products in ‘Geumsan,’ the clean area that has the history and tradition of 1,500 years. ‘Geumsan’, the home of Korea Ginseng, has its, climatic, geographical growth environment, and natural attractions for cultivating ginsengs.

We produce a variety of types of raw materials such as red, white, and black ginsengs, including fresh ginseng, and develop multiple products, using these raw materials.

Starting from the domestically produced goods in 1992, Cheonnyeon Red Ginseng Co., Ltd became a corporation in 2014. Since then, this company has steadily R & D, and realized food safety management, obtaining the certifications from HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, ISO45001.

We cultivate ginsengs throughout three generations, and produce, based on honesty and integrity, and responsibility, using only product made in Korea.

thank you

CEO Gil Mi-ja of Agriculture Corporation Cheonnyeon Red Ginseng Co., Ltd